August 15, 2022

Coaching, effective communication, and project management software can help turn disparate developers into a solid team. Here's how.

How to Keep Your Team of Developers on the Same Page

Teamwork on a project isn’t easy, especially when a team comprises developers. The best ones are confident and independent, which are traits not always conducive to a collective effort. That said, developers also possess just enough diffidence and humility to produce great collaborative work. Mixing in some coaching, effective communication,

CSAT and first call resolution

5 Practical Steps to Improve CSAT and First Call Resolution

Loyal and happy customers often indicate a business with a healthy customer service team and workflow. But what if your customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores are low, and your first contact resolution (FCR) scores could be better?  Common sense dictates that when a customer has to contact you multiple times to