October 10, 2023

Ice Power

Ice Can Store Power?

Ice-based thermal energy storage systems are a novel solution to the growing problem of energy efficiency and carbon emissions in buildings. These systems operate by harnessing the cooling potential of

Commercial Drone Advancement

Armed Commercial Drones To Be in the Skies

The US Army is progressing with its plans to create bomber drones similar to those used in Ukraine by selecting firms to demonstrate how to arm small commercial drones with

Rainforest Challenge

Rainforest Rises: Stripe’s Fintech Challenger Emerges

Atlanta-based fintech startup Rainforest is emerging as a potential competitor to Stripe, aiming to attract software companies in the highly competitive financial technology space. Rainforest primarily assists software firms in

Fintech Revolution

Flagright: FinTech Security and Accessibility

Flagright, a leading company in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and fraud protection, has unveiled an innovative partnership with Seis, a US-based FinTech firm supported by Y Combinator. This collaboration aims

Hawaii Renaissance

Uncovering Hawaii’s Indigenous Renaissance

PhD candidate Aja Grande is delving into community-based research in Hawaii, examining the role of organizations striving to restore the source of abundance for local communities. By forming close relationships

Sizzling Laptop

Sizzling Pre-Prime Day Laptop Deals

As we approach Amazon Prime Day, an eagerly anticipated two-day shopping extravaganza in October, customers can already discover numerous substantial laptop discounts. Despite the official sale not starting until Tuesday,

ChatGPT Uses

ChatGPT Tries Programming and Gaming

The most recent iteration of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is gaining recognition for its capacity to produce responses to users’ queries and input that closely resemble human communication.