November 8, 2023

Thriving AI-Market

How to Thrive Amidst AI-Driven Job Market Shifts

A recent panel discussion brought together experts to examine the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the job market, with a focus on professions at risk due to advancing technology.

Visible Trial Extravaganza

Android Users: Free Visible Trial Extravaganza

Visible introduces trial for Android users Following the success of its early 2022 campaign for iPhone users, Visible is now offering a 15-day complimentary trial to Android users who own

Restructuring Layoffs

Li-Cycle Restructuring Sparks Massive Layoffs

Li-Cycle, a prominent battery recycling facility, recently announced a major restructuring within the company, which will result in 75 employees being laid off across its Kingston, Toronto, and Rochester sites.

Rapid Charging Revolution

Upgrading Battery Life with Rapid Charging

StoreDot’s battery prototype Israeli tech firm StoreDot has revealed that its battery prototype exhibited no signs of wear after numerous rapid charging sessions compared to slow charging situations. The business

Revolutionizing Transport

Inside Norway’s EV Adoption Lessons

In Oslo, Norway, the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been facilitated by substantial government incentives, making Norway the global leader in EV sales. Tesla CEO Elon Musk commended

Tech Bargains

More Unbeatable Black Friday Tech Bargains

As Black Friday approaches, major retailers have already begun offering enticing early tech deals to encourage you to upgrade your devices. Electronics are traditionally the stars of Black Friday sales,