November 22, 2023

AI Weapons Race

Racing Toward AI-Powered Autonomous Weapons

Developing autonomous weapons The Pentagon is making progress in creating artificial intelligence (AI)-powered weapons that can autonomously make life-or-death decisions regarding human targets. The US, China, and Israel are among

Warming Urgent Action

Surging Global Warming Demands Urgent Action

Climate scientist James Hansen, who initially warned Congress about the perils of climate change, has published a new study suggesting that the scientific community may be underestimating the rate of

Marine Geoengineering

Regulating Risky Marine Geoengineering Techniques

Both the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Center for International Environmental Law have praised a statement that states the intention to regulate four dangerous marine geoengineering technologies. Announcing their intention

Hyundai Crisis Averted

Electric Vehicle Crisis Averted by Hyundai

A sudden charging issue with his electric Hyundai Ioniq left Ontario resident Simrat Sooch in a bind when it was discovered that the car’s battery required replacement. Unfortunately, Sooch’s warranty

Kitepower Hawk Generator

Soaring Kitepower Hawk Revolutionizes Energy

A groundbreaking innovation, the Kitepower Hawk, features a 330kW battery generator that employs a massive kite to charge itself, introducing an environmentally-friendly approach to harness wind power. This system holds

Battery Fire Surge

Rapid Battery Fire Surge Alarms NYC

Brooklyn apartment fire: lithium-ion battery to blame A fire in a Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday night has been attributed to a lithium-ion battery, marking the third such incident within 48