April 5, 2024

Specialized Funds Shift

Venture capitalism shifts towards smaller, specialized funds

The venture capitalism model, once reign of ‘megafunds’, is undergoing significant transformations. Rising players in the industry are introducing fresh perspectives, fostering increased competition, and disrupting the traditional structure. It’s

"Climate Select Fund"

DCVC Climate Select fund nears $400m target

The DCVC Climate Select fund, a brainchild of technology firm DCVC, aims to fill the funding vacuum for mid-stage climate startups. Spearheaded by Matt Ocko and Zachary Bogue, who have

"Bitcoin ETF Impact"

Significant capital withdrawal impacts Bitcoin ETF

The ARK 21Shares spot Bitcoin ETF (ARKB), belonging to Cathie Wood’s ARK investment company, witnessed significant capital withdrawals on Tuesday. This marked the first time such a phenomenon has occurred

Fusion Engine Advance

Helicity Space advances in fusion engine technology

Helicity Space, a start-up based in California, is making strides in developing fusion engine technology for space exploration, thanks to undisclosed financing from a strategic investor. Key players Airbus Ventures

Home-Use Robotics

Apple explores personal home-use robotics

Apple, the technology colossus, seems to be eyeing the personal home-use robotics horizon. Following the halt of its electric vehicle project, new strategies to monopolize the market and diversify its

"Projected Upward Trend"

USD/JPY pair projected for upward trend

The USD/JPY pair could be on the verge of a possible upward trend, with an immediate barrier around the March high of 151.97 and the psychological benchmark of 152.00. If