May 6, 2024

"American Chicken Pets"

Chickens become America’s favorite new pets

Ever noticed that chickens are suddenly so trendy? Seeing them in backyards across America lately isn’t all that surprising. More and more families are choosing these feathered friends as their

TikTok Disruption; Monetize TikTok For Your Business

Potential TikTok ban may disrupt U.S. businesses

In recent news, TikTok, a popular social media application owned by ByteDance, may face prohibition in the U.S. due to proposed government regulations. These regulations, aimed at addressing data security

"Policy Aid"

SBA aids ex-offenders with new policy

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently initiated a progressive policy, “Ban the Box”, designed to provide financial assistance for those with prior criminal offenses. The objective of the policy is