May 7, 2024

"Climbing Dollar"

Dollar climbs back amid market fluctuations

On Monday, a boost in the USD/JPY exchange rate stopped a three-day slump, thanks to a stronger U.S. Dollar. The exchange rate continued to move through the week responding to

Startup Success Keys

Keys to success in the startup landscape

Want to make it big in the startup world? It’s all about ensuring your product fulfills a market need, conducting meticulous market research, and crafting a comprehensive business plan. Don’t

Sequoia Startup Success

Sequoia’s Jess Lee shares secrets to startup success

Jess Lee, a partner at the globally recognized venture capital firm Sequoia, recently explained how startups can reduce unnecessary spending and increase profitability by recognizing their product-market fit early. She

"Reshaping Industries"

GenAI reshaping industries despite potential risks

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is trailblazing new innovation standards in the business realm, reshaping industries by amplifying customer experiences and bettering marketing and operational efficacy while meticulously managing risks including

"Dollar Gold Upward"

Weaker dollar pushes gold value upward

Monday’s value of gold saw a positive swing in Asia’s market, thanks to a tumble in the dollar. The bread-and-butter data of U.S. employment wasn’t as solid as expected, pushing