May 16, 2024

Strategic Refocus

Meta discontinues Workplace for strategic refocus

Meta recently announced its decision to discontinue Workplace, its business communication service, slated for complete shutdown by August 25, 2025, and readiness for read-only mode from May 2026 onwards. This

"Future Security"

Addressing the future of social security

The discussion continues over how to address shrinking reserves in the Social Security program. Possible solutions range from tweaking Social Security tax caps, increasing retirement age, to recalculating benefit formulas.

"High Losses"

Canoo faces high losses amid EV market challenges

Electric vehicle (EV) startup Canoo publicly announced unexpectedly high losses for the first quarter of 2024. Despite securing substantial investors and creating a buzz in the public sphere, Canoo’s financial

Economic Saving Strategies

Consumer-saving strategies amid economic volatility

The latest edition of Wealth brought to attention emerging consumer-saving strategies that promise sustainable financial growth. Financial experts discussed these new methodologies, backed by extensive market research, ranging from investment