May 31, 2024

Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop outperforms MacBook Air

Microsoft recently held a benchmarking event at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, to showcase the performance of its new Qualcomm-powered Surface Laptop against Apple’s bestselling MacBook Air M3. The company

Musk testifies

Musk agrees to testify in SEC probe

Elon Musk has agreed to testify in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in 2022. The billionaire waived his right to appeal, which

DDoS Attack

Internet Archive hit by sustained DDoS attack

The Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library, has been battling a sustained distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack since Sunday. The attack has caused intermittent outages and limited access to the Wayback

Gaming Laptop

Dell G16 gaming laptop price cut

Dell recently slashed the price of its latest G16 gaming laptop by $300, bringing the cost down to $1,200 from $1,500. The deal may end soon, so interested buyers should

AI Threat

Google launches AI-powered threat intelligence tool

Google has announced the launch of its new cybersecurity product, Google Threat Intelligence, which integrates its existing cybersecurity division and VirusTotal threat intelligence platform with the Gemini AI model. The

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

As the markets become fiercer each day, it’s hard to overlook the relevance of sound customer experience (CX). It boosts your success in the industry by continuously building your client