June 10, 2024

Night Clubs

EFCC raids night clubs in Ondo

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested 127 suspected internet fraudsters during a raid on a “Yahoo Party” in Akure, Ondo State. The suspects were apprehended early on

Record Heat

Earth sees 12 months of record heat

May 2024 was the warmest May on record, the 12th consecutive month of record-breaking global temperatures. We have a plan to cut our pollution and build a cleaner economy. Taking

Floods Recede

Floods recede in Bavaria: government criticized

Floodwaters have begun to recede along the Danube River in Lower Bavaria. The government is being criticized for cutting funds for flood prevention. Bavaria’s Premier Markus Söder has recently made - an AI reverse image search platform – an AI reverse image search platform

With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, the platforms offering AI-powered tools grew in size and popularity. Using AI allowed the commonly known tools to grow and evolve, making their capabilities

Addiction Brain

Study links internet addiction to brain changes

A recent study suggests that young people with internet addiction experience changes in brain chemistry that can lead to further addictive behaviors. The study, published in PLOS Mental Health, used