July 9, 2024

Adapting Fungi

Fungi adapting to body temperature, resisting drugs

Researchers have discovered that fungi are adapting to human body temperature and becoming drug-resistant, with potential links to climate change being explored. Candida auris, a fungus resistant to multiple antifungal

Aurora Earth

Polar rain aurora seen from Earth

Scientists have discovered that the rare Arctic aurora witnessed on Christmas Day in 2022 was caused by a “polar rain” of electrons from the sun. The unusual aurora, which appeared

SpaceX Launch

SpaceX launch plans worry rivals Blue Origin, ULA

Episode #122 is out and it's a long one! SpaceX once again knows how to kick things into high gear ahead of launch! Watch now: #Starbase @SpaceX —

Dowvote Feature

X introduces new downvote button feature

Elon Musk is making another big change to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. The repost, like, and reply buttons and their counts will be removed from

Climate Destinations

Climate change threatens iconic US destinations

Climate change is gradually reshaping some of America’s most famous destinations as millions of Americans flock to the nation’s coasts, islands, and national monuments this summer. Experts have a sobering

SpaceX Ecosystem

SpaceX under fire for damaging ecosystem

Is Elon Musk a Coasian? The Social Cost of SpaceX launches and the art of Green Accounting exercises. — Matthew E. Kahn (@mattkahn1966) July 7, 2024 SpaceX’s ambitious space