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Microsoft XNA: Ready for Prime Time?

No longer constrained to enterprise systems, database-driven applications or web service layers, with XNA, .NET developers can now spread their digital wings and let their pixelized imagination run wild. Their

Keep Software Simple

n the course of my consulting, I have reviewed numerous applications from many companies?and often find areas where the software was just too complex. The reasons for this are varied,

Hudson Continuous Integration Server

ohsuke Kawaguchi, a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, released Hudson in February of 2005. Since that time, Java developers have adopted Hudson as their continuous integration server in greater and

Bricks and Mortar: Building a Castle

n an application built with object-oriented techniques, objects are the bricks. You construct little pieces of code encapsulated in these bricks. To build bigger structures, you need to hold these

The Zen of Inversion of Control

n the surface, this article is about the techniques of dependency injection and inversion of control. Underneath, however, the article is intended to get you to think about the questions