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Why the World Needs More Technology Leadership

As a fact, technology has touched every single aspect of our lives. And there are some technology giants in today’s world which have been frequently opined to have a strong influence on recent overall technological influence. Moreover, those tech giants have popular technology leaders leading the companies toward achieving greatness.

High-Noon Showdown at Render Gulch

odern computer hardware and powerful graphics cards, now found in even ‘budget’ systems, support a new level of rapid rendering of more high-level descriptions of objects and dynamic response to interaction with them. A variant of XML, XAML, has emerged as the Microsoft syntax for describing the form and visual

Great Hackers Make the Worst Developers

ood programmers are what make a software company. Not just good programmers, mind you, they have to be great hackers, rock stars, the best. Great hackers are three times, five times, maybe even 10 times more productive than the merely average. At least that’s the common wisdom. Joel Spolsky founded

Opinion: Eclipse Fails to Meet the Enterprise Java Developer’s Needs

have tried?quite hard at times?to rely on Eclipse as my main Java IDE, but I have been unable to because, simply stated, Eclipse hasn’t met the evolving needs of Java developers. And by Java developers, I don’t mean the minority who build Eclipse tools. I mean the majority who program

Monitoring Technologies Put Developers in an Ethical Hotseat

here is great power today in databases, in technologies that gather and organize information, and in global, nearly-instant communications. And today’s developers understand and apply these powerful technologies in applications that simplify business processes, provide pertinent and useful intelligence, and improve business agility. But many companies are starting to use

Tech·Ed 2005: Connectivity Enhancements Fuel Excitement

ech·Ed 2005 in Orlando is bigger than ever, sold out well in advance, and is the harbinger of big changes and new power in the Microsoft development space. Announcements: New…EverythingPaul Flessner, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of Server Applications, had welcome news in his keynote Tuesday: Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server