China Solar Market

China’s Solar Panel Market Skyrockets

Chinese solar companies have experienced a significant increase in profits, primarily due to the high demand for and rising sales of their solar panels. China, as the world’s leading solar

Clean Energy Revolution

Australia To Pioneer Clean Energy

In the vast expanse of Idaho’s sagebrush deserts lies a groundbreaking piece of technology that could revolutionize Australia’s energy industry. The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR), an experimental sodium-cooled fast reactor,

Explosive Nuclear Alliance

Explosive Sino-Saudi Nuclear Power Alliance

Saudi Arabia is reportedly contemplating teaming up with China to build its inaugural nuclear power plant, as concerns over strict requirements imposed by the United States for assistance have escalated.

Clean Energy Stocks

Clean Energy Stocks Go Off A Cliff

In recent times, the clean energy industry has witnessed significant declines in stock prices. This trend has caught the attention of both professionals and investors, leading to increased scrutiny and

Nuclear Powered Civilian Ships

Nuclear Powered Cruises?

Nuclear power, commonly employed in US military ships, is now becoming a viable option for civilian maritime applications due to advancements in nuclear technology. Benefits of using nuclear power for

Nuclear Power Revolution

Is China Too Powerful To Stop?

China has significantly increased its nuclear reactor construction efforts, with 21 projects currently in progress, set to generate a combined capacity of 21.61 gigawatts of electricity, according to the International

Exciting Transformation Journey

Nuclear Energy’s Transformation Journey

The future of nuclear energy is being questioned as it encounters numerous obstacles, including safety worries, elevated costs, and rivalry from renewable power sources. Events like the Fukushima disaster in

Curtailment Challenges

Global Wind Power: Curtailment Challenges

As Jeju Island faces heightened discussion surrounding wind power curtailment, this phenomenon is not unique to the island. Around the world, numerous countries are grappling with renewable energy management challenges.

Geothermal Power

Drilling Into the Earth: Not For Oil!

In a western Utah valley abundant with wind turbines and solar panels, Fervo Energy is investigating a novel path for renewable energy using a drilling rig moved from the oil