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Create a GUID in Visual Studio

There are many cases in which we need to create GUIDs. You can now create them using Visual Studio tools. Go to Tools – Create Guid. This will bring up a dialog with four desired formats for generating the GUID. Choose the appropriate one, and you will have a new

Best Practices for Developing Cloud Applications

This article presents a discussion on the best strategies and practices that should be adopted when developing and deploying applications for the cloud???to make your application more stable, scalable, and secure. When developing applications for the cloud, you should have your design, development and deployment strategy in place. First off,

Creating a Serverless API Using API Gateway and Lambda

Serverless computing is a cloud computing model in which the main characteristic is that the user does not have to rent any virtual machines at all???the entire process of starting a virtual machine, executing the code, returning the result and stopping the virtual machines is handled by the cloud provider.

Accessing and Managing Third-Party Libraries

The Cloud, micro-services and distributed systems are all the rage these days. But, in the end, each service and software component is implemented in some programming language. In the olden days, most software was custom made and very little was shared beyond built-in operating system libraries and the standard library

Boostrapping Your Cloud Infrastructure

Managing large clusters of machines is non-trivial. Even in the cloud where the cloud provider takes care of a lot of the complicated stuff, such as networking, isolation and redundancy, you still need to get your system up and running. Then, you need to update frequently and elastically add and

Cloud Platform Overview

In this article, I’ll introduce you to Cloud platforms, discuss the services they provide, the cost (not just monetary cost) and the problem of lock-in. I’ll also discuss hybrid systems that can run from the Cloud or where some of their components can run from the Cloud. At the end

The Future of Tech Careers

There has been a lot of talk recently about job losses and how the recovery from the recent recession has been jobless. Historically, technological revolutions have eliminated many jobs but always created new job categories. For the first time in history, this many not be true. In this article, I’ll

Working with Cloud-Based Development Environments

Today’s software is served from the cloud and the world’s data is stored in the cloud. The benefits are clear. Let the cloud platform providers deal with the complexities of managing servers and data centers, let the users enjoy continuous experience across multiple devices and let developers focus on their

Exploring Software Development Methodologies

A software development methodology is a fairly nebulous thing. In this article, I’ll try to bring some clarity to the concept of the methodology, investigate various prominent methodologies and their manifestation in processes, programming language, frameworks and tools. What is a Software Development Methodology? A software development methodology is a

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