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Create a GUID in Visual Studio

There are many cases in which we need to create GUIDs. You can now create them using Visual Studio tools. Go to Tools – Create Guid. This will bring up

Best Practices for Developing Cloud Applications

This article presents a discussion on the best strategies and practices that should be adopted when developing and deploying applications for the cloud???to make your application more stable, scalable, and

Accessing and Managing Third-Party Libraries

The Cloud, micro-services and distributed systems are all the rage these days. But, in the end, each service and software component is implemented in some programming language. In the olden

Boostrapping Your Cloud Infrastructure

Managing large clusters of machines is non-trivial. Even in the cloud where the cloud provider takes care of a lot of the complicated stuff, such as networking, isolation and redundancy,

Cloud Platform Overview

In this article, I’ll introduce you to Cloud platforms, discuss the services they provide, the cost (not just monetary cost) and the problem of lock-in. I’ll also discuss hybrid systems