Memory Tuning: Key Performance Indicators

When you are tuning the application’s memory and garbage collection settings, you should take well-informed decisions based on the key performance indicators. But there is an overwhelming amount of metrics

Thread Dump Analysis Pattern

Threads in ‘runnable’ state consume CPU. So when you are analyzing thread dumps for high CPU consumption, threads in ‘runnable’ state should be thoroughly reviewed. Typically, in thread dumps several

Encrypt Sensitive Configuration Data with Java

hen application developers are developing, parameters are often hard-coded in the source code. These hard-coded parameters are often pulled out of the source code and put into property files or

Conditional Compilation

In many cross-platform applications, you have code sections that — depending on the target OS and compiler — need to be either concealed or compiled. For example, code that uses

How to Remove Flashing in an Applet

Most of the Java books talk about double buffering for removing theflashing. It solves the problem to some extent but not 100% perfect in caseof flashing. I am giving the

Interplatform Networking

Question: I want to connect a Java client program to a C/C++ server applicationusing sockets. What is the easiest way of doing this? Answer: Java provides the ability to write

Determining the Top Level Frame

Question: I have developed a custom AWT component that can be placed at any level in a component hierarchy. How can it determine the top level Frame in the hierarchy?