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Google Snags Semantic Web Firm Metaweb

In the latest in a string of acquisitions, Google has unveiled plans to purchase Metaweb, a firm that maintains a vast open source database of information about objects in the

The Art of Narrative and the Semantic Web

The art of the narrative is one of the strongest threads running through our society and culture, and is in many respects one of the defining traits of humanity. “The

Using RDFa with DITA and DocBook

he RDF data model gives you a way to add attribute name/value pairs to any resource that you can reference with a URI. This makes it easy to create metadata

Use Cases Dictate How You Adopt the Semantic Web

he most widespread?and likely most reported on?Semantic Web technology is a W3C recommendation called RDF (Resource Description Framework). An XML-based language for representing data in knowledge bases, RDF is used