Is Amazon Good or Evil?

The more I learn about what Amazon Web Services (AWS) has done in the Cloud Computing arena, and the better I understand how Amazon’s efforts are dramatically leaving all competitors

CloudConnect Day Two: The DevOps Reorg

DevOps is one of the hot topics at CloudConnect here in Santa Clara this week. Short for development and operations, DevOps occurs when organizations move to increasingly automated operational environments

Report from CloudConnect: Heroku PaaS

I’m at CloudConnect in Santa Clara this week, looking to pick up on the latest news in the Cloud world. (I’m also signing copies of my new book and speaking

If Only the Cloud Had Netware’s Uptime

An Ars Technica forum member posted this image of his Netware 3.12 server admin screen. Total uptime: 6030 days. That’s over 16 years without a single reboot. Alas, the hard