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Working with Swagger

RESTful services have been popular for quite some time now. They are widely-used, primarily for improved performance, ease of use and maintenance. Swagger is a popular API for documenting your

Performance Comparison: Apache vs. IIS

There has been a lot of discussion regarding which of the two most popular Web servers is better. In this article, we will try to compare their characteristics and performance.

Introduction to WebSockets

In this article, I’ll introduce you the WebSocket technology using a sample application based on Socket.io. At the end of this article you will have a good idea what WebSockets

How to Install Multiple Magento Stores

In this tutorial, we will discuss the benefits of using Magento to operate multiple stores. I will also explain how to configure this feature. What is Magento Multi Store? Magento

Vagrant Provisioning with Puppet

Automating software installations is an important part of deploying virtual machines with Vagrant. This process is called provisioning and can be integrated with DevOps tools, such as Puppet. Let’s see

Automating Web Site Deployment

Automating Web site deployment is an important topic for both individuals and companies that provide Web development and maintenance services. Although it is often seen as a final small task