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Working with Swagger

RESTful services have been popular for quite some time now. They are widely-used, primarily for improved performance, ease of use and maintenance. Swagger is a popular API for documenting your RESTful Web APIs. You need some way to document your RESTful services to know the endpoints and the different data

Performance Comparison: Apache vs. IIS

There has been a lot of discussion regarding which of the two most popular Web servers is better. In this article, we will try to compare their characteristics and performance. Apache With the market share of 42% (according to a NetCraft survey in April 2014), Apache is the most widely-used

Introduction to WebSockets

In this article, I’ll introduce you the WebSocket technology using a sample application based on Socket.io. At the end of this article you will have a good idea what WebSockets are all about, why it’s needed, how it works, go through a simple but illustrative demo application client-server application. Why

How to Install Multiple Magento Stores

In this tutorial, we will discuss the benefits of using Magento to operate multiple stores. I will also explain how to configure this feature. What is Magento Multi Store? Magento multi store is a convenient feature that enables you to have multiple shops connected to the same Magento installation. In

Robust Front-end Development with React and Redux

Modern front-end development can be quite confusing. I started dabbling in Web programming about 20 years ago. We already had HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but that’s about it. There were no frameworks to speak of. The browsers of the day were Netscape Navigator and IE 4. Yes, IE 4! It

Vagrant Provisioning with Puppet

Automating software installations is an important part of deploying virtual machines with Vagrant. This process is called provisioning and can be integrated with DevOps tools, such as Puppet. Let’s see how to do that. Vagrantfile Configuration The configuration for any Vagrant virtual machine is in the Vagrantfile. This is where

Automating Web Site Deployment

Automating Web site deployment is an important topic for both individuals and companies that provide Web development and maintenance services. Although it is often seen as a final small task at the end of the project, it can save a lot of time and increase productivity if handled the right

Set up SSL Certificates in 5 Minutes Using Let’s Encrypt

Installing SSL certificates on your server can be a complex and time-consuming task. Let’s Encrypt simplifies this process and allows you to set up a free SSL certificate on your Web site in just a few minutes. Install Let’s Encrypt The Let’s Encrypt library is installed through git, which means

Examine the Strategic Value of APIs

Traditionally, developers built applications and then discovered that parts of the infrastructure necessary for their application might useful on their own, or that it would be beneficial for third-party developers to access the capabilities of their application programmatically and maybe even extend it. Later, with the proliferation of Web applications

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