Avoid Using Refresh() Method

Refresh method of Parameters collection is used to populate the Parameter objects in the collection. This method queries the data provider to populate the collection with Parameter objects containing specific details of the parameters. After execution of this method, you can access this collection to stuff in the values of

Getting Application List

Question: How can I get a list of currently running applications and, more importantly, handles to their windows? Answer: For that you have to use the Windows API call, EnumWindows. This uses a user-defined callback function that performs some actions as each window is found. Below is some code that

Universal Naming Convention (UNC)

Question: For file-based applications, how is the Universal Naming Convention obtained for path names? Answer: To get the UNC name of a drive-based path, use the Windows API callWNetGetUniversalName. This function takes a drive-based path (i.e.,fully qualified file name) and returns its UNC equivalent. Be forewarned,though: This call is not

Oracle via ODBC

Question: I am using Visual Basic as my front-end tool to read an oracle 7 database residing on an oracle network. I have completed the connection stage. I am using ODBC connection with Data Control to access the database.Whenever I Load a new screen which reads a new table, the