Adobe AIR: Running SQL Commands Against a Local Database

Adobe AIR: Running SQL Commands Against a Local Database

hile many technologies promise to put features of desktop applications on the web, Adobe AIR brings web development to the desktop. Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment that allows web developers to use their existing Flash and Flex skills to build applications for the desktop.

Adobe AIR in Action introduces AIR, showing developers how to build solid AIR-driven desktop applications. The authors walk web developers through the new AIR application concepts they will need.

As an Adobe AIR developer, one task you will have to master is setting up and connecting your application to a local database. Working with a database requires three basic steps: opening a connection, running commands, and closing the connection. Once you’ve established a connection to a database, you can run SQL commands (CREATE TABLE, INSERT, DELETE, SELECT, etc.) using the class.

Download an early access edition of ” Running SQL Commands,” an article based on chapter 5 from Adobe AIR in Action, for the details on working with SQLStatement objects.

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