Judging Java Timeline – 1997

Judging Java Timeline – 1997

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Jan. 11
– JavaBeans JDK released.

Feb. 18
Java JDK 1.1 ships.
Feb. 28
Java 1.1 support in Netscape Communicator.

March 10
JNDI API released.
March 11
– Sun says JDK 1.1 was downloaded 220,000 times in three weeks.

Visual J++ ships from Microsoft.

April 2
JavaOne II

April 3
Netscape’s Visual JavaScript previewed.
June 5
Java Web Server 1.0 ships.

July 23
– JavaCard 2.0 released.

Twelve companies announce support of PersonalJava.

Aug. 5
– Java Media APIs released.
– Sun says 100,000 JavaBeans developers kits downloaded.

-Sun lists 600 commercial products using Java technology.

-JDK 1.1.3 released for Intel Linux.

– Sun’s Java Developer Connection claims 100,000 member-subscribers.
Oct. 7
Sun sues Microsoft.

Dec. 10
– Java JumpStart for the Enterprise, a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to boost Java developer productivity, is announced. Contains JRE, Webtop server, plug-ins, online books, sample code and documentation.
Summary of 1997:
JavaBeans and JavaONE II cinch Java’s role as one of the most significant developments in computer language, especially for corporate developers. Microsoft’s efforts to stop the Java juggernaut continue, but increasingly appear to be failing. Sun’s Java initiatives multiply. Complaints about Sun’s control over Java are the only real dark cloud on its horizon.
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