Judging Java Timeline – 2000-2001

Judging Java Timeline – 2000-2001

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Feb. 8
– Sun submits next versions of J2EE and J2SE to JCP.
Feb. 29
– Java API for XML ships.

April 6
– Sun will revise controversial JCP membership/authority to open up process and give members more authority. Sun is cautious because it fears having the process overtaken by Microsoft or other vendors who might want to weaken Java; meanwhile, Java enthusiasts such as IBM rankle under a system which basically leaves all final authority in Sun’s hands.
– Sun announces JES 2.0 is compliant with Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) for home networking.

– Java Developer Connection hits 1.5 million developers, claims Sun.
May 8
J2SE 1.3 released.

Apple will support it in Mac OS X.

– Sun claims 400 Java User Groups worldwide.

– IBM is offering 110 Java-based IBM-branded products.

– Suns reports more than 25,000 developers attend JavaONE at Moscone Center in San Francisco; facility manager says the number is probably closer to 35,000 and that the fire marshal better not be there.

Microsoft announces .NET.
Oracle 8i includes built-in JVM, EJB component model.

– Sun introduces new licensing and royalty system for J2EE.
– Jini Starter Kit 1.1 released.

Sun wireless initiatives for Java.

– Fifth Jini Community Meeting in Amsterdam enjoys spillover crowds of developers. Jini architect Jim Waldo says Jini claims 50,000 licensees and technology in process of being deployed in wide range of products from autos to enterprise software

– Specs for Java interface to XML are announced: JAXM (messaging) and JAXP (parsing).
Summary of 2000:
Abandoning its “Embrace and Extend” strategy once and for all, Microsoft readies for a world without Java. Sun continues barrage of initiatives, winning vendor friends and influencing developers. Java is clearly established as a key/core corporate server platform. Some developers are calling for a fresh look at Java as client-side product; will the applet return?
Microsoft releases first beta of .NET framework.

Jan. 23
Sun-Microsoft lawsuit settled.

Jan. 25
– Microsoft announces JUMP (Java User Migration Path) to Microsoft .NET, or JUMP to .NET; these tools allow developers using Microsoft’s Visual J++ Java development tool to modify their existing Java apps to support the .NET architecture.
Sun Open Net Environment (SunONE) announced.

The Future
From all we’ve seen, it appears that the growth curve for Java has not yet peaked, and it probably won’t for several years. More uses for Java are being discovered each year, and the number of developers using it on a regular basis continues to increase. The scene is being set for a showdown with Microsoft’s .NET for superiority in the corporate application development world. May the better platform win!
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