VB Shortcuts with Windows 95

With the release of VB4 and the new development environment for32-bit operating systems, I use three versions of Visual Basicin developing VB applications. Some of my clients won’t acceptapps built with VB4. Some will not soon upgrade to a 32-bit operatingsystem. After installing both the 16-bit and 32-bit VB designenvironments on my Windows 95 development machine, I discoveredthat any project named *.VBP would be opened with the 32-bit VBdesign environment. This quick way to fire up the correct VB designenvironment on my development machine works pretty well:
Store all files for a project in the same folder. Add a shortcut to the proper VB design environment to thefolder or on the desktop if you wish. Drag the project file (*.VBP) on top of the VB design environmentshortcut and (voila!) open the project with the properdesign environment.

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