Select Text-Box Contents on Entry Automatically

Select Text-Box Contents on Entry Automatically

Many commercial apps select the contents of the text box automatically whenever it gets focus. You can do the same in your apps with a few VB statements. Invoke the SelStart and SelLength functions within a TextBox control’s GotFocus event:

 Private Sub Text1_GotFocus()		Text1.SelStart = 0		Text1.SelLength = Len(Text1)	End Sub

Or place the code in a public Sub procedure and call it from any text box in your project:

 Private Sub Text2_GotFocus()		PreSel Text2	End Sub	Public Sub PreSel(txt As Control)		If TypeOf txt Is TextBox Then			txt.SelStart = 0			txt.SelLength = Len(txt)		End If	End Sub

Because you can call the PreSel procedure from anywhere, you should limit the procedure to acting on TextBox controls to prevent errors. The TypeOf function tests if you’ve passed the procedure a TextBox control, and if not, it skips over the selection code.


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