A Quick Explorer-Like Interface

A Quick Explorer-Like Interface

Although the new VB5 Application Wizard can build a shell application with an Explorer-like interface, it is often desirable to drop a quick Explorer form into your code without the toolbar or the extra code included by the wizard. You can use only three controls to create a form quickly with the Explorer split-panel look and feel.

To get an Explorer interface up and running, drop a picture box onto a form and set the BorderStyle property to zero (none). Add two controls to the picture box. These controls will represent the left and right panels. Drop in this code:

 Private Sub Form_Resize()	' Optionally, resize manually if you don't 	' want container to cover entire form and 	' resize with form.	Picture1.Move 0, 0, Me.ScaleWidth, Me.ScaleHeightEnd SubPrivate Sub Picture1_Resize()	Dim offset As Integer	Static percent As Single	offset = 4 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX	If percent = 0 Then		percent = 0.5Else		percent = (Text1.Width + offset) / _			Picture1.Width	End If	Text1.Top = 0	Text1.Left = 0	Text1.Width = Picture1.Width * percent - offset	Text1.Height = Picture1.Height	Text2.Top = 0	Text2.Left = Text1.Width + offset	Text2.Width = Picture1.Width - Text2.Left	Text2.Height = Picture1.HeightEnd SubPrivate Sub Picture1_MouseMove(Button As _	Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, _	Y As Single)	Dim offset As Integer, pwidth As Integer	offset = 2 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX	pwidth = Picture1.Width	If Button = vbLeftButton And X > 20 * _		offset And X < pwidth - 20 * offset Then		Text1.Width = X - offset	ElseIf X < 20 * offset Then		Text1.Width = 19 * offset	ElseIf X > pwidth - 20 * offset Then		Text1.Width = pwidth - 19 * offset	End If	Text2.Left = Text1.Width + 2 * offset	Text2.Width = pwidth - Text2.LeftEnd Sub

In this example, I used two multiline text boxes with scrollbars, but TreeView and ListView controls work just as well.

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