Adjust Combo Box Drop-down Width

Adjust Combo Box Drop-down Width

Due to limited space on a form, you sometimes must keep the width of combo boxes small. Because a combo box lacks a horizontal scrollbar, some text might remain hidden. Use these functions to retrieve the current size of a drop-down and to resize the drop-down portion of the combo box as needed at run time. Add this code to a BAS module and call it from wherever convenient-perhaps during your Form_Load procedure:

 Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib _	"USER32" Alias "SendMessageA" _	(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal Msg As Long, _	ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As _	Long) As LongPrivate Const CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH = &H15FPrivate Const CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH = &H160Private Const CB_ERR = -1Public Function GetDropdownWidth(cboHwnd As Long) As Long	Dim lRetVal As Long	'*** To get the combo box drop-down width. 	'*** You may use this function if you want 	'*** to change the width in proportion 	'*** i.e. double, half, 3/4 of existing width.	lRetVal = SendMessage(cboHwnd, CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH, 0, 0)	If lRetVal <> CB_ERR Then		GetDropdownWidth = lRetVal		'Width in pixels	Else		GetDropdownWidth = 0	End IfEnd FunctionPublic Function SetDropdownWidth(cboHwnd As _	Long, NewWidthPixel As Long) As Boolean	Dim lRetVal As Long	' *** To set combo box drop-down width ***	lRetVal = SendMessage(cboHwnd, _		CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH, NewWidthPixel, 0)	If lRetVal <> CB_ERR Then		SetDropdownWidth = True	Else		SetDropdownWidth = False	End IfEnd Function
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