Manipulating File Names With the File Class

Manipulating File Names With the File Class

Java defines a File class (see Tip: “Constructing a File Class”) that you can use to manipulate the file name and perform file-related operations on the underlying file system (see Tip: “Performing File Operations With the File Class”). Some useful methods for manipulating the file name, which is a text string, include:

 public String getAbsolutePath()  // Gets complete pathpublic String getName()          // Gets the file name (without path)public String getParent()        // Gets the parent directorypublic boolean isDirectory()     // Answers "is this File a directory?"public boolean isFile()          // Answers "is this File a file?"

The following code excerpt makes use of these methods. Assume that your system has a file “” under the directory “C:fooaraz”. Also, assume that this code is running in the directory “C:fooaraz.”

 1. File myFile = null;2. 3. myFile = new File("");4. System.out.println("1::" + myFile.getAbsolutePath());5. 6. myFile = new File("foo\bar\baz\");7. System.out.println("2::" + myFile.getName());8. System.out.println("3::" + myFile.getParent());9. System.out.println("4::" + myFile.isFile());10. System.out.println("5::" + myFile.isDirectory());

The output of this code is:

 1::C:fooarazmyfile.txt2:: myfile.txt3::C:fooaraz4::true5::false
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