List All Network-Visible SQL Servers

List All Network-Visible SQL Servers

To enumerate all network-visible SQL servers using SQL-DMO objects, create a new standard EXE project and add a reference to sqldmo.rll. This file can be found in BinnResources1033sqldmo.rll under the SqlServer70 directory. Now add this code and declaration in your form’s code:

 Private Function GetAllSqlServerCollection(colSqlServers As Collection) As Boolean    Dim intIndex As Integer    Dim oApplication As SQLDMO.Application    Dim oNameList As SQLDMO.NameList        Set oApplication = New Application    With oApplication        Set oNameList = .ListAvailableSQLServers        With oNameList            For intIndex = 1 To .Count                colSqlServers.Add (oNameList.Item(intIndex))            Next        End With    End With    Set oApplication = Nothing    GetAllSqlServerCollection = TrueEnd Function

This code quickly fetches a list of SQL servers and can be put inside a combo box’s drop-down event to always get a refreshed list of SQL servers on your form.


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