Which Databases are Using the Most System Resources?

Which Databases are Using the Most System Resources?

One can use the dbcc memusage command in both SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 to determine which databases are using the most of the server’s memory. You can run dbcc memusage by using the query tool available. However, running dbcc memusage on SQL Server 6.5 gives more information than running it in 7.0.

SQL Server 6.5 displays statistics about the number of locks, open objects and databases, and user memory usage, but because SQL Server 7.0 is self-tuning, dbcc memusage doesn’t display this information. However, in both versions of SQL Server, the dbcc memusage command does list the databases currently using the most memory on the server. You can use this listing to determine which database is putting the biggest strain on the SQL server. Remember that dbcc memusage lists the databases by their unique ID numbers rather than by name. You can find out which database goes with each ID number by using the stored procedure :- sp_helpdb.


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