Bevel Flat Graphics in FrontPage 2000

Bevel Flat Graphics in FrontPage 2000

An overlooked feature in FrontPage 2000 is the one-click tool to add a nice bevel to your graphics. A bevel makes the image stand out from the page and adds a professional touch. The hardest part about adding a bevel is finding the right button. The bevel button is on the Picture toolbar, which may be at the bottom of your workspace instead of at the top with the rest.

Once you’ve found the toolbar, open your HTML page in Normal view and select the graphic. Pass your cursor over the buttons until you find the one called Bevel. Click the button, save your file, and your image is transformed. A word of caution: the bevel tool modifies your image rather than just adding a dynamic effect. Make sure you have a backup of the graphic in case you want to revert.


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