Enhancing Browser Page Loading Performance

Enhancing Browser Page Loading Performance

If your ASP application is experiencing browser page loading performance problems, you may want to consider implementing one or both of the following techniques. First, a fairly easy way to improve the speed performance of an ASP page is to set the @ENABLESESSIONSTATE to ‘False’ if an ASP page does not use any session variables. To accomplish this you need to insert the following line of code at the top of the ASP page.


Second, you can also improve the performance of a page by copying the values of collection variables into local variables, as opposed to referencing the object each time you need the variable value. For example, you may need to reference the Request.ServerVariable collection to determine the user’s logon ID. To accomplish this, you use the following line of script.


If you need to use this value in several places on your page, it is much more efficient to store this value to a local variable and then reference the local variable.



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