Rethrowing a Throwable Exception in Your Code

Rethrowing a Throwable Exception in Your Code

Use the fillInStackTrace() method to rethrow a Throwable type of exceptional condition in your code. This is useful if you want to rethrow a exception that occurred while using a method or creating a Object but want to avoid the stack trace from these calls. The intention is to show the stack trace starting form this method or error condition. This a similar to creating a new Object of type Throwable and throwing it as the exception. This happens because when the call to fillInstackTrace method is made, it returns a new Object of type Throwable filled with the execution stack trace.Example code:

 import;public class testExceptions  {//Example of fillInStackTrace	  void method1() throws Throwable  	  {  	     throw new Throwable ("Throwable Exception in method1"); 	  	  }   	  	void method2() throws Throwable  	  {//throw new IOException ("Exception in method2");try		 {		    method1();					 }		catch(Throwable th)		 {throw th;throw th.fillInStackTrace();//similar tothrow new Throwable();				 }  	  } //Example of fillInStackTrace 	  public static void main(String args[]) throws Throwable	 {		new testExceptions().method2();				 }    }


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