Making a Form Scrollable

Making a Form Scrollable

This is one of the simplest, but most powerful, ways to make a form scrollable. This method automatically disables or enables scrollbars according to the size of the area in relation to the form.

  • Add a Picturebox
  • Add a VScrollBar
  • Add a HScrollBar
  • Add the following code to the form:
 Private Sub Form_Resize()     VScroll1.Move ScaleWidth - VScroll1.Width, ScaleTop, VScroll1.Width, ScaleHeight - HScroll1.Height     HScroll1.Move ScaleLeft, ScaleHeight - HScroll1.Height, ScaleWidth - VScroll1.Width, HScroll1.Height         Scrolling End Sub Private Sub Scrolling()     If Picture1.Width > (ScaleWidth - VScroll1.Width) Then         HScroll1.Max = Picture1.Width - (ScaleWidth - VScroll1.Width)         HScroll1.Enabled = True     Else         HScroll1.Max = HScroll1.Min         HScroll1.Enabled = False     End If         If Picture1.Height > (ScaleHeight - HScroll1.Height) Then         VScroll1.Max = Picture1.Height - (ScaleHeight - VScroll1.Height)         VScroll1.Enabled = True     Else         VScroll1.Max = VScroll1.Min         VScroll1.Enabled = False     End If         Picture1.Move -HScroll1.Value, -VScroll1.Value End Sub Private Sub HScroll1_Change()     Scrolling End Sub Private Sub VScroll1_Change()     Scrolling End Sub 



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