Correct Authentication Flags in ADSI and VB

Correct Authentication Flags in ADSI and VB

If you are unsuccessful at attempting to bind to an object residing in a Netscape Directory Server and you are using ADSI in VB or VBscript, you are likely using the incorrect Authentication flag used to define the binding options.
The method call used to bind to a directory server object using ADSI is OpenDSObject and it requires four parameters. One of the parameters is the authentication flag. The documented authentication flags are as follows:

         ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION       = 0x1        ADS_USE_ENCRYPTION              = 0x2        ADS_USE_SSL                     = 0x2        ADS_READONLY_SERVER             = 0x4        ADS_PROMPT_CREDENTIALS  = 0x8        ADS_NO_AUTHENTICATION           = 0x10        ADS_FAST_BIND                   = 0x20        ADS_USE_SIGNING                 = 0x40        ADS_USE_SEALING         = 0x80        ADS_USE_DELEGATION              = 0x100        ADS_SERVER_BIND         = 0x200

None of these will work in this context with the Netscape Directory Server. The value, 0, must be used to bind success fully as in this example:

         Set ADs = GetObject("LDAP:")        Set ADsObject = ADs.OpenDSObject(strADsPath, strADMIN_DN, strADMIN_PW, 0)

size=3>Try this and you will succeed.


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