Accessing Class Members From the Static Member Function

Accessing Class Members From the Static Member Function

When a class has Thread entry functions, it is usually declared as static member functions of the class as in the example below:

 Class A{private:	int i,j,k;public:	//Thread Entry function	static DWORD WINAPI ThreadFunc(PVOID p);	//other functions	void SomeFunc();}

The implementation of the function does not allow access to the class members since this is a static function. One solution is to pass the class object itself as a parameter of the thread function and access the class members through the pointer passed.

The thread may be created from SomeFunc()

 void SomeFunc(){	...	...	CreateThread (NULL, 1024, A::ThreadFunc, this, CREATE_SUSPENDED, &_tid);	...	...}DWORD A::ThreadFunc(VOID * p){	A * pA = (A *)p;	//access members thru pA	pA->i = pA->j + pA->k;	return 0;}

This approach is difficult since the object has to be de-referenced every time especially if the object is being used heavily inside the function. An easier way is to add a member function DWORD DoThreadFunc() to the class. From the original ThreadFunc, make a call to DoThreadFunc and do all the processing in DoThreadFunc as shown below.

 DWORD A::ThreadFunc(VOID * p){	return pA->DoThreadFunc();}DWORD A::DoThreadFunc(){   i = j+k;   return 0;}

From DoThreadFunc(), we can access the class members directly. This will make the code look more readable without unwanted ->s

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