Convert an Exception StackTrace to a String

This feature will be required if you want to store exceptions in a database:

 import*;public class Test{    public static void main(String args[])    {        String trace = exceptionToString(new Exception(A new exception));        System.out.println(trace);    }    public static String exceptionToString(Throwable th)    {        String stTrace = null;        try        {            StringWriter sout = new StringWriter();            PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(sout);            th.printStackTrace(out);            out.close();            sout.close();            stTrace = sout.toString();            sout = null;            out = null;        } catch(Exception _ex){}        return stTrace;    }}

Updated: Reader Gary Frost advises this method instead:

public static String exceptionToString(Throwable th){   StringBuffer stackTraceStringBuffer = new StringBuffer();   StackTraceElement[] stackTrace = th.getStackTrace();   for (int i=0; i

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