Consistent Error Handling in SQL Server

Suppose you need to tack on an additional value to all your custom errors in SQL Server 2000. For VB programmers, that might mean tacking on the value of vbobject error to all SQL errors in order to remain consistent throughout your application. To do this, you’ll need to create a User Defined function called vbobject error:

 CREATE FUNCTION vbObjectError-- Input custom Error number   (@CustomError int )RETURNS bigint --ASBEGIN-- this will make a positive number so as to be _compadable with SQL Server-- When it returns, you'll need to make it negative _again   RETURN ((-2147221504 +  @CustomError)*-1)END

Then, you need a centralized error handling routine:

 Create a stored proc called RaiseCustom Error -CREATE procedure dbo.RaiseCustomError	(	@ErrNumber	int	)AsSET NOCOUNT ONDeclare @ErrorNumber bigintSet @ErrorNumber = dbo.vbObjectError(@ErrNumber);Raiserror(@ErrorNumber, 15, 1);GO

Finally, you can call your errors from any stored procedure:

 exec raisecustomerror 6302
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