Running DOS Commands in SQL Server Query Analyzer

If you run this statement In SQL Server Query Analyzer:

 EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'dir *.exe'

You will get the result as DOS DIR Command. Using this, you can run all DOS commands.

A sample result looks like this:

 09/21/01  08:25a                26,384 actmovie.exe09/24/01  10:07a               118,032 addgrpw.exe09/21/01  08:25a               155,920 addusrw.exe10/14/96  07:08a                10,774 append.exe04/29/99  12:04p                21,264 ARP.EXE10/14/96  07:08a                27,920 at.exe04/29/99  12:04p                22,800 ATSVC.EXE10/14/96  07:08a                27,920 attrib.exe09/21/01  08:25a               153,088 AUTMGR32.EXE
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