SQL Server Database Restore Via Stored Procedure

SQL Server Database Restore Via Stored Procedure

The following stored procedure will restore the database. This is helpful when you need to restore the database from other applications:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_db_restore]@DBName varchar(60),@BackName varchar(120),@DataName varchar(60),@DataFileName varchar(120),@LogName varchar(60),@LogFileName varchar(120)  AS RESTORE DATABASE @DBName FROM  DISK = @BackName WITH MOVE @DataName TO  @DataFileName ,  MOVE @LogName TO @LogFileName, REPLACEGOParameters  DBName - Database Name to be restored  BackName - Path & Name of the BackupFile  DataName - MDF File name  DataFileName - MDF File Path  LogName - LDF File Name  LogFileName - LDF File Path

Replace Will will replace the Database if it exists.

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