SQL Server Database Restore Via Stored Procedure

The following stored procedure will restore the database. This is helpful when you need to restore the database from other applications:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_db_restore]@DBName varchar(60),@BackName varchar(120),@DataName varchar(60),@DataFileName varchar(120),@LogName varchar(60),@LogFileName varchar(120)  AS RESTORE DATABASE @DBName FROM  DISK = @BackName WITH MOVE @DataName TO  @DataFileName ,  MOVE @LogName TO @LogFileName, REPLACEGOParameters  DBName - Database Name to be restored  BackName - Path & Name of the BackupFile  DataName - MDF File name  DataFileName - MDF File Path  LogName - LDF File Name  LogFileName - LDF File Path

Replace Will will replace the Database if it exists.

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