Replace All Occurrences of One String with Another String

Replace All Occurrences of One String with Another String

All programmers?especially database programmers?require a function that replaces all occurrences of one substring with another string. For example, they need to replace the single quotes in strings passed to an Oracle database with two single quotes.

Using recursion in this algorithm limits its usefulness slightly below that of VB6s native Replace function, as the time required increases greatly in relation to the length of the searched string:

Public Function strReplace(ByVal strString As _	String, ByVal strToBeReplaced As String, ByVal _	strReplacement As String, Optional ByVal _	intStartPosition As Integer = 1) As String	Dim strNewString As String	Dim intPosition As Integer	On Error GoTo ErrorHandler	' intStartPosition will be one initially	intPosition = InStr(intStartPosition, _		strString, strToBeReplaced)	If intPosition = 0 Then		' Nothing more to do so return final string		strReplace = strString	Else		strNewString = Left$(strString, intPosition _			- 1) & strReplacement & Mid$(strString, _			intPosition + Len(strToBeReplaced))		' Recursively call strReplace until there are 		' no more occurrences of the string to be 		' replaced in the string passed in. We now only want		' to process the remaining unprocessed part of the 		' string so we pass a start position.		strReplace = strReplace(strNewString, _			strToBeReplaced, strReplacement, _			intPosition + Len(strReplacement))	End IfExit FunctionErrorHandler:	' Place error handler code hereEnd Function


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