Quickly build a simple About form

If you need a quick-and-dirty About dialog box for your application, that maintains a consistent look with other Windows applications, look no further than the ShellAbout routine in SHELL32.DLL. Using this function you have little control on what the dialog displays, and you can only customize the Product’s name, a short descriptive message, and the icone. Here’s the code, that couldn’t be shorter:

Private Declare Function ShellAbout Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellAboutA" _    (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal szApp As String, ByVal szOtherStuff As String, _    ByVal hIcon As Long) As Long' the first argument makes the About dialog modal with' respect to the current form. The last argument assigns the' dialog the same icon used for the current form.ShellAbout Me.hWnd, App.Title, "A descriptive message", Me.Icon)

While this function does what it is supposed to do, there is a little problem to be solved: the copyright of all your applications appear to owned by Microsoft Corp, which is something that they (as well as you) might not want to …

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