Check whether RAS is installed

Check whether RAS is installed

When you work with RAS APIs, you should have to make sure if RAS library is installed on the system. A simple way is to verify the existence of the Rasapi32.dll file in the windows system directory; the same thing can be obtained with a call to the InternetGetConnectedState API, as the following code demonstrates:

Private Declare Function InternetGetConnectedState Lib "wininet.dll" (ByRef _    lpdwFalgs As Long, ByVal dwReserved As Long) As BooleanConst INTERNET_RAS_INSTALLED = 16' Check whether RAS is installedFunction IsRASInstalled() As Boolean    Dim connStatus As Long    InternetGetConnectedState connStatus, 0&    IsRASInstalled = (connStatus And INTERNET_RAS_INSTALLED)End Function


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