Parse URLs with the System.Uri class

Parse URLs with the System.Uri class

The Url and UrlReferrer properties of the Request ASP.NET object return a reference to the URL of the page and the URL of the page that referred to this one. Both properties return a System.Uri object; you can query the properties of this object to learn more about the address of the page that so you don’t have to parse the string yourself:

' Get information on the referrer for this request.Dim url As System.Uri = Request.UrlReferrer Debug.WriteLine(url.AbsoluteUri)   ' =>  ' => /default.aspxDebug.WriteLine(url.Host)          ' => http:/www.mysite.comDebug.WriteLine(url.Port)          ' => 80Debug.WriteLine(url.IsLoopback)    ' => False

You can also use an Uri object to parse a URL string that the user typed in a field or that you’ve received in an argument:

Dim url As New System.Uri("")Dim path As String = url.AbsolutePath      ' => /index.aspxDim queryString As String = url.Query      ' => id=123


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