Resolve an internet host address

Resolve an internet host address

The System.Net.Dns class exposes a few static methods that let you resolve an internet domain name – such as – into a 4-part numeric IP address, also known as dotted-quad notation.

The Resolve static method takes a string and returns an IPHostEntry object; you can learn the actual IP address by querying its AddressList property, which returns an array of IPAddress objects. In most cases, this array contains only one element. Here’s a code snippet that shows how to resolve an address programmatically:

Dim iphe As IPHostEntry = Dns.Resolve("")Dim addr As IPAddressFor Each addr In iphe.AddressList    Console.WriteLine(addr)Next

The IPHostEntry object exposes also the Aliases property, which returns an array of strings that represent all the aliases associated with the host.

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