MakeFileName – Create a file name out of its parts

MakeFileName – Create a file name out of its parts

' Make a complete file name by assemblying its individual parts' if Extension isn't omitted, it overwrites any extension held in BaseNameFunction MakeFileName(Drive As String, Path As String, BaseName As String, _    Optional Extension As String)    ' add a trailing colon to the drive name, if needed    MakeFileName = Drive & IIf(Right$(Drive, 1) <> ":", ":", "")    ' add a trailing backslash to the path, if needed    MakeFileName = MakeFileName & Path & IIf(Right$(Path, 1) <> "", "", "")        If Len(Extension) = 0 Then        ' no extension has been provided        MakeFileName = MakeFileName & BaseName    ElseIf InStr(BaseName, ".") = 0 Then        ' the base name doesn't contain any extension        MakeFileName = MakeFileName & BaseName & "." & Extension    Else        ' we need to drop the extension in the base name        Dim i As Long        For i = Len(BaseName) To 1 Step -1            If Mid$(BaseName, i, 1) = "." Then                MakeFileName = MakeFileName & Left$(BaseName, i) & Extension                Exit For            End If        Next    End IfEnd Function

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