MakePath – Create a nested directory

MakePath – Create a nested directory

' create a nested directory'' it's similar to MkDir, but it also creates' all intermediary sub-directoriesSub MakePath(ByVal path As String)    Dim i As Integer, ercode As Long        On Error Resume Next    Do        ' get the next path chunk        i = InStr(i + 1, path & "", "")                ' try to create this sub-directory        Err.Clear        MkDir Left$(path, i - 1)        If Err = 0 Then            ' the directory has been created            ' do nothing        ElseIf Err = 75 Then            ' PathFile Access Error: the directory exists            ' do nothing        Else            ' we can't continue if any other error            ercode = Err            On Error GoTo 0            Err.Raise ercode        End If    Loop Until i > Len(path)            End Sub

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