ListFiles – List all the files in a directory or directory tree

ListFiles – List all the files in a directory or directory tree

' list all the files in a directory' if NESTEDDIRS = True it lists a whole directory tree'' returns a 1-based array containing all the listed filesFunction ListFiles(ByVal Path As String, Optional ByVal NestedDirs As Boolean) _    As String()    Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject    Dim fld As Scripting.Folder    Dim fileList As String        ' get the starting folder    Set fld = fso.GetFolder(Path)    ' let the private subroutine do all the work    fileList = ListFilesPriv(fld, NestedDirs)    ' convert to a string array    ' (the first element will be a null string)    ListFiles = Split(fileList, ";")    End Function' private procedure that returns a file list' as a comma-delimited list of filesFunction ListFilesPriv(ByVal fld As Scripting.Folder, _    ByVal NestedDirs As Boolean) As String    Dim fil As Scripting.File    Dim subfld As Scripting.Folder        ' list all the files in this directory    For Each fil In fld.Files        ListFilesPriv = ListFilesPriv & ";" & fil.Path    Next            ' if requested, search also subdirectories    If NestedDirs Then        For Each subfld In fld.SubFolders            ListFilesPriv = ListFilesPriv & ListFilesPriv(subfld, NestedDirs)        Next    End If    End Function

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