JoinQuoted – A Join variant that encloses string values in quotes

JoinQuoted – A Join variant that encloses string values in quotes

' Join variant that works with arrays of any type' and that encloses string values between quotes'' ARR is the array whose element must be joined' SEPARATOR is the separator char (default is comma)' QUOTED is the character used to quote string values'     use a two-char string (eg "{}") if the openining'     and closing quote chars are different'     use a null string to suppress quoting featureFunction JoinQuoted(arr As Variant, Optional ByVal Separator As String = ",", _    Optional ByVal Quotes As String = """") As String    Dim res As String    Dim index As Long        For index = LBound(arr) To UBound(arr)        If VarType(arr(index)) <> vbString Then            res = res & Separator & arr(index)        Else            ' the following code works correctly if            ' LEN(Quotes) is 0,1,2            res = res & Separator & Left$(Quotes, _                1) & arr(index) & Right$(Quotes, 1)        End If    Next        ' drop the first separator    JoinQuoted = Mid$(res, Len(Separator) + 1)End Function

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