GetDirectories – Returns all the subdirectories of a directory

' Returns a collection holding all the subdirectories in a path' that match search attributes (optionally it returns the entire path).Function GetDirectories(path As String, Optional Attributes As VbFileAttribute, _    Optional IncludePath As Boolean) As Collection    Dim dirname As String    Dim path2 As String        ' initialize the result    Set GetDirectories = New Collection        ' build the path name with a trailing backslash    path2 = path    If Right$(path2, 1) <> "" Then path2 = path2 & ""        ' start the search    dirname = Dir$(path2 & "*.*", vbDirectory Or Attributes)        Do While Len(dirname)        If dirname = "." Or dirname = ".." Then            ' exclude the "." and ".." entries        ElseIf (GetAttr(path2 & dirname) And vbDirectory) = 0 Then            ' ignore regular files        Else            ' this is a directory            ' include the path if requested            If IncludePath Then dirname = path2 & dirname            GetDirectories.Add dirname, dirname        End If        ' get next string        dirname = Dir$    Loop  End Function

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